Sunday, March 22, 2009

Welcome to Peaceacre Farm! Here are a few pictures of our acre. Enjoy the tour!

Conor dressed for fun!

Nettle and Hazel. Nettle was just a few days away from being shipped out for "processing" when we rescued her. She seems pretty happy on Peaceacre Farm!

Conor and Scout admiring the garden under new-fallen snow. Straw bales add extra insulation for the hen house in winter. In the summer, the bales go straight to the garden as mulch. A win-win!

Chris builds the hoop houses

Swish Chard and turnips growing under hoop houses. This picture was taken in the dead of winter.

Turnips held all winter in the ground under hoop houses. Roasted with olive oil and balsamic vinegar, the flavor is extraordinary. They are now Chris's favorite, and he never liked turnips before tasting these. Wintering over considerably improved the flavor.

Chris built this cold frame using scrap wood, greenhouse plastic and four storm windows we picked up at a yard sale for a few bucks. We added solar collectors (a fancy way of saying plastic water jugs filled with water and spray painted black) to hold in the heat. We also insulated the coldframe with wool.

Inside the coldframe in the deep cold of February. I can't say we raised enough greens to feed the whole family, but a few fresh greens on a cold, gray day is food for the soul, indeed. If you suffer from the winter blues, forget the Prozac - build a coldframe!

Fiona relaxing after being sheered.

While the sheep relax, my work begins - wool-washing at Peaceacre Farm!

Rasputin was advertised as "good eating for the BBQ" - what could we do but rescue him?

Conor in the kitchen getting ready to pass out dog cookies

Mr. Creek

Conor getting ready to trick or treat in his homemade, glow in the dark skeleton costume!

Barred rock hens make up about half our flock. Fabulous chickens - we highly recommend them!

The shed in summer, with hollyhocks blooming
Fresh Produce
Handmade soap

Two views of the woods. Although our property is one acre, it adjoins public woods with a large lake. This is the most important classroom I have in home schooling Conor.
My favorite gift. My daughter created this sacred space for me in the woods behind our house as a Mother's Day present.
After we put this tour together, we realized that we have very few pictures of the vegetable gardens, herb gardens, habitats we've created, etc., so check back. We'll expand the tour as more pictures become available!